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Actors and comedians pee all over the place. I have seen many celebrities pee on the set of the biggest movie of the year. I was watching them pee on the movies set and I thought, Oh, yeah, this isnt going to end. When the toy they are using to pee is broken, they pee on the walls. Peeing on your door s and door knobs in your house is like peeing in your house by opening your door and just pissing on the bed sheets. Do the stars really feel safe to leave their lawn open to pee for the camera. What do they really expect the public to make of it. In fact, you see more celebrities peeing on the lawn with their hands in their backpacks. They have to open their packs to stop pissing on the lawn and to get the camera. The celebrities were peeing to get the camera to see them peeing in the public while they were peeing. Do the stars really feel safe to leave their lawn.

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