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The most noteworthy names on the list of over-100 celebrity birthdays are:Earl Cameron is an American screenwriter, producer and director. He is best known for his work on the television series MASH. Birthdays – heres how to send your message:MADISON, Wis. – A woman is accused of attacking her ex-boyfriend with a hatchet and then trying to put the knife to his throat in what was supposed to be a birthday party, according to court documents. Madison police responded to a call of a possible assault on October 18. According to the police report, Sarah Ann Roldan, 39, was arrested and later charged with felony first degree intentional homicide and domestic violence. According to court documents, the two fought after an argument at the party. Sarah Roldan picked up a hatchet and continued to attack the victim, who tried to push his girlfriend away. According to the report, the victim tried to break through the door to the garage but Sarah Roldan struck him five times with a hatchet and stabbed him several times in the chest. The victim managed to crawl out the front of the home but as he was running to the garage Sarah Roldan hit him with a bat which caused his face to get very swollen, the victim told police. Police said they also found a machete inside Roldans home. Police also found a knife in the garage of Sarah Roldans home. A search warrant was also served at Sarahs home in Madison.

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