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Sesamestreet, NovemIt is also likely that the above video was meant to go viral among certain segments of the left side of the political spectrum. The idea of sending a letter to Bill Maher about a Sesame Street episode featuring race and Trump was perhaps a way for the left to connect with the President-Elect. One of the people who appears in the YouTube video, James Earl Jones, who was nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal of Jaws in the 1980 film, did not need to send a letter to Maher about Sesame Street in particular. ColinkalmbacherIve been waiting for this day for a long time. Ive had so much anticipation I can barely wait anymore. The next time you read the news, realize the media is being entirely politically correct and thats always a good thing. The next time you read a poem, realize that its not so much a work of art, but a celebration of death. The world doesnt care if youre awake or dead. What is it about the world that makes it always want to kill you. T move, and yet feel as if youre still in the same place. You willWake up from a deep sleep and you will find something waiting for you. S like a child who is being thrown into the chaos. S so easy to just stand there and not do anything. Even if you have to die, you always feel like it would be better if you were dead.

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