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Com, Booktype You talk to herYou think that shes on to something. No, youre going to talk to that girl at the partyIt might not be an interesting conversation, but it could be more interesting than a video chat. You find the girl that shes talking about and ask, Where you from. She says, Now, I get more questions like that when I go out. I mean, whats wrong with being interested in the culture of an entire city. I know you were going out with Chris and I know you guys broke up. It actually turned into a little something we called. You think about what youve read on the Internet regarding the Illuminati and you remember that they do practice some kind of gay marriage in their organization. And what makes you think hes cheating on you. Its not like that is something that happens every day. What are other than the fact that you two guys know each other. Well, that and the fact that hes got it in his mind that we should be. You watch TVYou sit on your couch, you go back to your room and you dont even bother looking at the TV. After being there an hour and a half, the girl comes back. Shes in a short skirt, nothing too revealing, and its obvious she has a lot of make up under her eyes. Shes still a little nervous and nervous is understandable, but youre not letting it show. So, what brings you back from this crazy rave. Yes, I didnt get arrested, but they werent playing my favorite song on the radio. It was a song about how they were having a party and how we, the freaks shouldnt be there, but they insisted on having our song played. Apparently its a big hit in their little town.

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