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Henry Charles Albert DavidYou go down the alley and after waiting awhile you hear some noise at the other end and then silence. S probably just those guys that I mentioned earlier. You hear a faint voice behind you as you turn around with your gun in hand. Re not allowed to bring that gun in here either. T quite sure what to say, so you just stand back and wait for him to complete his threat. S starting to open the door, you open up and shoot him twice. He falls to the floor and you take your opportunity to run out of the alley. Your pursuer is quick though and before you can even reach the front door he fires a burst of bullets in your back. You fall to the floor outside of your home with two bullets in your back, mortally wounded. Re rushed to the hospital, but you die before you reach them. You see no point in even attempting to get out of the city and your final moments are spent begging your killer to not take you away. You had a heart attack; your blood was oxygen deprived and the drugs probably had something to do with it. S going to take a miracle to save you. Re still just one of those people that goes to parties, which are still a big part of the music industry at this point. Re still alive and your condition is just getting worse, but then so is your life.

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