Celebrities killed by stalkers

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Ve got a lot more important things to do that day, like go to work, eat, watch TV and play video games. Re also not going to be able to play video games or even go to a movie as long as the stalker is on the loose. Ve been meaning to do for a long time. Re going to bring someone in to help you. Just as you arrive in the driveway, Bobo comes running up to you. Re you doing in there all by yourself. You never said your mom was home. T have time to come back, I need to go to a movie with my friends. Well you can always sit with us. Re still a little suspicious of Bobo at this point. Ll just have to ask him one more time. You go to the movieThe pair of you go to the movies alone. D rather not be with Julie who seems a little too friendly to you at the moment. Re also having a hard time concentrating on the movie, you want to be by yourself. The pair of you end up leaving the movie theater. You ask Bobo what was so weird about watching a horror movie alone, he dismisses it as just a phase that some people go through. So where did you think you were going to.

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