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Ll ever get ahead, here is a little advice: You can do it with a little bit of work and some talent. M supposed to take care of your kid. S gonna screw up my credit. Ll let you borrow a few thousand dollars from my sister. Yeah, but I think you know the risk is worth the gain. You walk into the basement and see your sister, your friend from high school and your best friend from high school all sitting on a couch watching a movie. S your lucky day, because the money is in your hand and here you are. You hand her some money and sit on the couch beside her. Well, you should probably tell me. No, I was just so nervous I was going to start peeing myself. T know, I thought you were going to jump in and tell me you won the jackpot or something. You nod, look at your sister and then your eyes go back to your phone. Ll start with the Paranormal Activity one, yeah.

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