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The door opens to the room where the prince looks in and seeing that it is indeed the Poker Tournament he laughs and says What a nice man, I dont have money for a princess like that. And then he takes out a deck of cards as well as a large ring of gold as he has never seen before. He walks over to a sofa to have a seat on it as he begins to play his cards against other people, while the other people watching look on at the fun. Then, he stops and looks over at you Well. Why dont you come with me to the Poker Tournament. The prince leans back in his chair as he thinks before replying to you Because Im a prince. You dont really have anything better to do so you agree to being his host at the Poker Tournament. You agreeYou dont question what the prince had in store for you, you just go with it. When the prince leaves, you look back and think That was fun. Now you just have to wait for a chance to win the Poker Tournament so you can get the princes attention. A few days pass and eventually the prince arrives at the mansion and enters a huge hall, it is quite the hall though. He notices that you arent there so he walks around until he comes to you. He is about to do something, when he sees a small man with a scruffy appearance behind you while watching others take seats at the tables in the middle of the hall. Ah, the prince, I see youre finally here he says. Come with me, were going to a place called Paradise. The prince shakes his head with a sad smile and then turns to walk towards you, youre shocked when he takes you to a secret underground passage, so small that you can barely see it, but it leads to a small house. This is how youre going to live forever, my sweet prince. You look back and forth back and forth between the two of them, you dont understand why, but thats the way they are.

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