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T even think of something more depraved. I mean do you even know Pamela Anderson. Not everyone has your ability to not be offended by such things, but let me assure you, you will find that part of it quite graphic. Re going to insult my intelligence, you might as well go out of your way to insult my personality as well. Go lie down and try to get some sleep. Re pulling into your driveway, you suddenly see that she has left. You park your car and begin to look around. M really not upset, I just need to get off my ass and fix the house. M sure she would appreciate it if you went and helped. She might not even like you for some time. Did you think I was some damsel in distress waiting for you to sweep this dirty old mansion and give me a damn sword. Your wife starts getting visibly angry. Did you think I was a pathetic woman who was going to be a big whore just to pay for your stupid ass mansion.

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