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The famous El Salvador residential apartment is one of those that has a gorgeous and beautiful landscape. I am a big fan of El Salvador, which is the most beautiful country in the world. Its beauty is most attractive in the viewing of the mountains and mountains You look at the map. The mountains to the south, which are still just mountains; even though theyre not as high as they once were, and you have a bad feeling that they wont be, theyre still in that general area. You cant remember if youve ever been to San Vicente, but you do remember coming across the small town near the airport. You walk southwards along the road, wondering why youve decided to drive to a desert like this. You find the hotel and have dinner at the Red LionYou dont know where the hotel is, but it seems a long way off so you decide to go on foot, finding the nearest road in the small town to where you know the hotel would be. The first two towns after the airport are pretty much just like every other little town in the world, with the only difference being that everything is run a little differently. The roads arent wide like they would be in the United States and the streets arent paved like they would be in the United States. The shops arent big enough to have big signs like they would have in the United States, and theres not enough money to spend in the shops like there is in the United States. People are polite and they pay for things they buy, but the shops are small and the money is small. You cant imagine spending the same amount of money in a shop that has a sign that reads Big Red Lion. The mountains to the north and east of you are still in the same general area as the mountains to the south and west. You have no idea where they are, but you are certain that the mountains to the south and west of you would be further away. It would be a longer and more difficult journey to reach mountains in the area, so there is no point in searching for them. You follow the signposts down a country road that has many holes in it. As you pass a few shops, you hear muffled sounds coming from outside. Turning around you see a pair of human legs sticking out of a window. They are holding a broom to keep the rain out of the windows. You continue down the road for a while, but dont see anything obvious at first. Then, you hear the muffled sound of a person walking through the rain.

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