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In fact, we will soon find out why you have all decided to come down to this great city. A new and exciting year will come soon and so will new challenges and changes that you will have to face. How can you be an effective leader when the city is under attack from all sides and the people are in despair over your inability to bring order to the situation. Will you be strong enough to survive such a challenge. You continue with the war: you cant let this city fall. It may be a long one, but you know that youll be able to bring back order soon enough. As the year ends and you come to leave this great place, the first thing you notice is that the air is a much colder. The world is darker and you could swear that your skin burned a little bit. You begin to wonder if you shouldnt go back to visit your homeland a little sooner. But then you think that it would be a waste of time and strength and that this is simply an unfortunate and sad state of affairs. You finish the war with easeWhen the year begins to close you turn your mind to the work of war once again. When the year begins to close you turn your mind to the work of war once again. In the year 32 of the Second Era1, the city of Detroit falls. You have had to battle through the winter war, and you know that the city is now in the hands of the Red Legion, a ragtag group of refugees from the north who had come here to help rebuild the city. Your efforts to stop them were successful, but the city has now become a battleground once again. They will bring the battle to you, but youll be able to stop them just as surely. You turn around and quickly take in your surroundings, looking around for a target. You realize that the entire city is going to be in danger if anything tries to run towards you. The streets are empty and wide, making them great for walking through. You quickly move from one street to the next, trying to hide your tracks and make it seem like youre walking in the same direction.

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