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Now for the truly talented and important, you will pay much more for top quality, but the price is reasonable, you will find some celebrities willing to forgo the usual costpercentage of-fees of low-level andor unimportant celebrities to go directly to the top. This, of course, is only a suggestion and may or may not be followed. If you do decide to use the Celebrity Guarantee then make sure you do it right, which is of course the only way to guarantee a good deal. If you use it wrong you may very well be left with a bad reputation, but at least the bad press will not be associated with you. You are now all set to go out and have a ball. Good luck finding good-quality food or entertainment in the small, isolated area that you are now in. You have heard of the city and you are all set to go there. It will be a big step, but you will be happy you did it. You have heard of it, you feel more at home there and you feel like you have found that you can work as a manager too, but you do not know what to do next. The next three games are starting to get expensive, so you decide to go and enjoy yourself while it lasts, but you do not have enough money to go to the city yet. You are about to leave the house and go to see what the big city has to offer, but you have other things on your mind as well, and you decide to leave the house, go to the nearby town and get yourself a drink so you can focus, you are going to have to focus because, as it turns out, you feel as if you have lost your grip on reality a little bit. When the day comes and you arrive in the town of the big city, you see a place that you have never seen before nor can imagine ever having to see again. It looks like a city in the old days, with skyscrapers, skyscrapers, tall buildings and streets. It is obviously a city, but this is no New York or any other city of the old world. This is the city where the new world is going to begin, it is the city where everyone will be a player and a big part of the game will be played out here.

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