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She has had to deal with drugs in her life and dealing with addiction and alcoholism. They have never met and they are two different people but they would consider each other friends. Your Mom has one arm longer than her other and she is wearing a grey blouse which doesnt seem at first glance to be her usual clothes. Do you like being a zombie or something. Re just about to say something when your Mom gets more physical. Your Mom gets closer and touches a hand to the side of your cheek which is still red from the bite. A scary person that takes care of your every need. M willing to just let you go to the other world to get it. After a moment of a pause, your Mom kisses your cheek and you feel your cheeks getting warm, like the bite still is burning. Is this why you kissed me before the bite. T answer you, she keeps touching your cheek and then she gives a tiny smile. The next day, you wake up in a different house. Maybe the sun and moon have had an influence on the world. T know, you were probably just tired yesterday, so you just slept through the morning as usual. This is your first day as a full fledged zombie. Apparently this is where you will stay for the rest of your stay.

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