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Then the World watched as Rodney Webb died in Dallas. It was a tragic day but not a tragic world. As Rodney said if theres, any, any hope, theys have to come from within. And then when people think about, they see more tragedies in their pasts and they dont like it and they dont like it and they dont like it. And so then they get angry, they get mean, they get cruel. You dont like it and you dont like it. You never want to see another catastrophe happen again. Theres a place in my head and I think I was born there. I want you to believe my life is mine and I can make it what I want it to be. Maybe, but thats all youve made it so far, you say. Im not finished saving this place from itself. Im going to make this place better than the world. I know its a long way off, but Ill find a way. And Im going to start with you, if you choose to be mine. Its been a long time since someones said that to you. And youve been doing this for so long that its all you feel like doing. And then youre swept up into the world of dreams. You realize its been a long time since someone actually cared for you that truly cared, which is why youre not completely surprised when you find yourself back in this place. Her eyes light up, and she hugs you tightly.

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