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Its just weird that a lot of these celebrities died last year. Hes been a recurring character on the show since the very beginning. Anyway, he died in a car accident, but it was so freakin tragic that it was one of the first things I thought of when I came up with this list. CantStopLaughing was not only the voice of SpongeBob for the last 5 years, but he also voiced Patrick for about half of that same time. I guess that makes him even more like SpongeBob, but hey, at least I got to hear him in several SpongeBob episodes. You can only imagine what a huge loss it is that he died in a car accident last year. This is also one of the first celebrities that I remember hearing the name of that I didnt even know the name of, but I cant shake the feeling that I have to know. Hugh James was a well known author who wrote such classics as Doctor Zhivago, The Golden Bowl, and a few others. The reason Im including him rather than someone like Stephen King or Christopher Hitchens is because, to my knowledge, he was the highest earning director during his lifetime. Thats not to say I dont believe that he was an amazing writer, but the fact remains, he made a buck every time he wrote. I imagine his wife had more money than her husband did and thats why he wrote less after her death. KurtWallanderYou know what they say; you cant get rich in the movies. Thats probably not true for the author, but Ill just say it because its true, he had a shitty movie career because he was unable to sell his book.

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