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You know many of these people a little better now but it still seems odd, why does Gwyneth want Reese and Marlon and Marlon want Reese and Zoe. You start to wonder and you have to know the answer to this. Gwyneth, you know I love you so much right. Gwyneth looks a little embarrassed for a moment before laughing a little. Oh my god, I forgot how you talk to me. You should see me naked at least twice a day or so; every time I do you are always reminded of my face. I almost wish I had lost my face so I could wear whatever I wanted when I was a kid. You agree to tell her your secretOkay You say with a smile. You tell Gwyneth who looks incredibly pleased. Thank you, I can now finally enjoy the view of the stars while I run around naked. I will look up at you while I am naked, so you see how beautiful you areAnd I will see how much you love me, I promise You say with a smile and a wink when you say it. Well if you love me that much, you are going to tell me now arent you. What did you do with your brother Bobby. Gwyneth says and then you both laugh a little. Gwyneth then looks down as the lights dim down in the room and then looks back up at you. You had to stop yourself from throwing up. He was a little fucked up but he was my brother, you know. Then I will tell you my secret, I love you Gwen. Gwyneth says and then throws the bottle at the lamp and the light comes on.

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