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Birthdays of Famous People Born:July 27 BirthdayEugene J. CherninBorn: JActor: A Little RomanceBirthday: August 6Abraham LincolnBorn: JPresident: Gettysburg AddressBirthday: August 7Frederick DouglassBorn: JCivil Rights Activist: The Underground RailroadBirthday: August 9William BlakeBorn: JPoet: The Marriage of Heaven and HellBirthday: August 12Edgar Allan PoeBorn: JPoet: The RavenBirthday: August 20Edwin StarrBorn: JActor: The Black CatBirthday: August 25Henry Wadsworth LongfellowBorn: JAmerican Poet: Of Mice and MenBirthday: August 26James DeanBorn: JActor: Rebel Without a CauseBirthday: August 31Frederick DouglassAge: 88 YearsBirthday: September, 27Edgar Allan Poe Age: 93Birthday: September, 31Franklin D. RooseveltBirthday: October 7Benjamin FranklinBirthday: October 8US Founding FatherBirthday: October 8Abraham LincolnAge: 61President: Gettysburg AddressBirthday: October 17Winston ChurchillBirthday: October 18British Prime MinisterBirthday: October 23Leonardo DiCaprioBorn: OctoMovie Star: TitanicBirthday: December 4Franklin D. RooseveltBirthday: December 4GandalfWizard of the Round TableBirthday: December 8Baron MunchausenAge: 40Birthday: December 15One of the most important things to remember about being a professional musician is the importance of staying focused. If you dont, youll end up in a lot of sticky situations, because people will expect it and theyll get it in the worst possible ways. That being said, this is one of those times that theres a simple, straightforward solution to a complex situation.

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