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JPGI dont have any information about this guy except what I read. His parents, I mean and his father and mother, I dont know anything. Im not even sure if he ever was married. Heres all of his pictures: nicknamejpgAnd some of his other photos: nickname, 0. My brothers girlfriends name is Ellen, I think her real name was Ellen. I think he may or may not be gay. I think he looks just like Bruce Willis. My name is Lisa, and Ive got a strange problem. I live with my mom and stepdad, but Ive never had any real close friends. In middle school I kinda drifted away from the group and didnt hang out too much, but after moving out I just sort of went back to being an introvert. But apparently I was actually popular, since Ive been invited to all these parties and things. The weird thing is, a few years ago I tried to hang out with some of my old middle school friends. Unfortunately every one of them was married, and they all had kids. So I mean I went along, but I didnt really connect with anyone. I mean I was supposed to be the popular sister and it turned out they actually liked me. But I didnt see how that was possible, So then one night this girl named Erin showed up at my house and we ended up hanging out at her house, and I guess we kissed. And then I went back to my house and went back to being a bit of a loner. Now I dont even know whats going on. I really like Erin, but this relationship thing for me seems a little weird. And I havent really been feeling my best lately.

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