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Born in Nairobi, Kenya to Cecilia Cruz and Guillermo Rivera. Cecilia and Guillermo were part of a large family of musicians and singers in Kenya. As a child Cecilia became fascinated with music and by the age of seven she was already playing the violin, cello and piano, and had moved on to other instruments such as the guitar and the drums. She was also a talented singer and she was a member of her own band, La Monego, The Maid She made her appearance on the national stage at the age of twelve and, in time, was crowned the Miss Kenya pageant title Miss Kenya for her singing talent. In 1942 Cecilia Cruz became the first African-American woman to be crowned Miss America, which she held until 1952 when she had her title stripped by the Supreme Court. S, ambassador to Venezuela from 1960 to 1963 under President John F. In 1963, she married Texas oilman, Paul Newman in Rome. In 1965 they married in New York, where she was working as a singer and became his personal singer as well as president of the American Society of Black Physicists in 1966. They divorced in 1971, only twelve months after they had met. Margaret ThatcherBorn in London on 12th March 1925. Margaret Thatcher, left, with her mother, Eileen. Margaret Thatcher became Conservative prime minister of England and Northern Ireland on 11th April 1979. With her brother Ian at a Conservative Party conference in 1984. She was educated at Eton College, Oxford where she became a Fellow of the Mansel Jones Society. Margaret was known as The Iron Lady because of her strong personality and willingness to put her beliefs on a pedestal, a trait many thought would see her fall out of favour in the new conservative government led by Margaret Thatcher. Margaret was known to have an intense temper, that was often out of control. Her first appearance on television was at the age of eight where she was asked to dance on a wooden stage. She was a natural performer, and by the age of twelve she began to perform comedy skits on television. She appeared on a radio show for four years at the age of eleven and was selected as the youngest person ever to be in the British Comedy Hall of Fame. After her father died of cancer, Margaret moved to London in 1950 and began her acting career, her father having been a Conservative MP for 13 years. As Margaret grew in her career, she began to develop a reputation as a strong figure on the stage at the age of fourteen.

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