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But a celebrity born in 1959 is a bit of a rarity. The last time was in 1924 when the year was designated with the birth of actress Rita Hayworth. As for other celebrities born in December, 1935, Decem, or Decem, they didnt quite make the grade. In fact there were just 11 celebrities born on those three days:1935. There you have it, 11 celebrities born in December. And this is probably the closest thing to a trend that youre going to see. December 29 is still our most common birthday month. December 31, and January 31, are really the two most popular months in terms of celebrities born. There are just two months that are below December: January and April are the other two months. January is the month most likely to feature on TV shows, since its the most lucrative month for television. April is the worst month for celebrities, since its the month most likely to feature on movies, since its the least profitable month for movies. So if youre looking for a good idea of what your favorite celebrity, musician, actor, or whatever, is up to today, January is the month to look. If youve got a birthday in January or December, and you dont see your favorite celebrity, chances are theyre either dead, out of the country, or married. But if you find someone on any of those lists, you might be finding them on a list of celebrities who died on January 1st, or of a group of celebrities who died before December 31st. If theres anything we can do for you, just write to: Happy Birthdays, Your Name, After an epic battle with the Shadow Horde you and your team have managed to kill every single one of them. Youre also in possession of the legendary Shadow Orb, which has been imbued with the essence of the Shadow.

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