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Then the victim had to rescued from the Bar Rescue in-between trying to rescue a homeless. On the show the victim was really gripped by the vicious rapist and raped by him for 30minutes. In 2017, Bar Rescue-The Victory-Bar, Jon Taffer and crew are visited by a homeless man while they are at Bar Rescue -The Victory. The man is seen to be a-victim of the violent assault by the rapist while he was sheltered at Bar Rescue. After the victims rest at Bar Rescue,If you have to choose between saving him and saving yourself, it might be a good idea not to. You dont really want to go down to the basement and risk being spotted, and possibly attacked by the rest of the bar so the only other option might be to sneak into the back room. You look around, and the back room is pretty empty. There is a bar and TV, though the TV is tuned to some infomercial from some local company, probably to drive up business. You scan the rooms to see if there are any of the people youre looking for. There are several, but you cant find anyone. You see a few people in the living room and you also realize you are still lost, as there are numerous other cars and people in the area. You head out the back roomYou decide to head out the back room. You dont really want to deal with the people in there, but there are some things you just have to do and there is no way they are going to look in the right direction. You head down the stairs and make sure there are no people in the way. You cant believe this is actually the back room. You remember that the other part was a bathroom, but it seems like it was just a normal room. You go past a bunch of empty tables and the bar. There are a few more empty seats, but you dont see anyone looking in the back room so you continue on your way. You walk out into the parking lot and notice all the other cars. You see a few in the driveway, but you decide to stay in the car until you come up with a new plan.

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