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For some reason I dont care that I wrote a column for the Hollywood Reporter calling Trump a racist, because in that case the writer of the article thought it was funny. The other two columns I wrote which dealt with Trump didnt elicit a single tweet of support from me, which speaks to something else Ive observed about the online media and its readership that may surprise you. While Trump is a bad and dangerous person, the problem is that he is a legitimate target at this point. The people who are calling for the media to not give him a free ride are calling out the media for a serious lack of objectivity that is making it very difficult to cover the election objectively. As a result of the medias blatant bias, the election is shaping up to be a referendum on Trump vs. And in the end, a Trump victory would most likely mean that Clinton will be inaugurated as the first female president. So if you dont like Clinton being in office, there is always the argument that Trump is unqualified to be president, which will be used to prove Clinton is qualified. I can understand that argument, except Clinton has been in office for a little more than a year, and Trump has never held public office before. Of course for many Americans the idea that Trump is not completely right for the presidency is completely foreign, as Trump is a real estate developer and an entertainment personality, a kind of guy that most Americans can relate to. So you would think a majority of the country may be okay with Trump being elected, but Ill wager the most vocal of his detractors would be the people that oppose him because of his political views. The fact that most people have a strong opinion and would be willing to go to the extreme to express their opinion speaks to Trump being a target of hate speech. In the online climate in the United States, it is pretty much free and easy to defame someone without any proof. And this is where the medias bias comes into play as it is easier for them to get away with being sensational than it is for them to actually prove their accusations. This has gotten out of hand with people being willing to dox anyone and anyone, and this has become a major problem in both the digital and offline world.

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