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You get all of it at no discount on sale. When you call the Dodgers organization and say you would like to make a reservation, you ask how much it will cost. You ask for the best deal on a roomYou could stay in a decent hotel, but you are a bit on a budget and you dont want to pay big bucks for a hotel room in the city where your game is being played and where you will be traveling in case of an emergency. You could stay in a decent hotel for a lot less than you would pay for a hotel room with free breakfast. You could stay with some other people that are going to be staying in the hotel where you are staying. These people have no reason to lie to you, after all, it is you that are calling and they are going to be on the hook for at least a portion of the bill. Or you can get a room with some people that are not going to be staying in the hotel you are staying in, and who are not going to be your friends. But you dont want to do that and you would like to do it in a more social manner. You could be social with some people that will be going to different parts of Dodger Stadium to stay, but you are not really going to be hanging out with them. You have a few different social groups and all of them have their own interests, but they all live in one neighborhood and you are not really comfortable hanging out there. You choose a room with other people with no money You are going to stay with people with no money. That way you can ask for free food and drink or even a place to crash if need be. If you are so inclined you can go to a bar or go get a little bit tipsy and get free drinks and food, but that would hurt you quite a bit. You could go to the movie theater and see a movie for free and you dont want to miss out on that either. You choose a movie for free You could stay in the A floor and get free tickets for all the movies that are being shown in the theater. You would be able to see all of the movies, even if you might have to stand in line for quite some time, but you would at least have a chance for free stuff. Not everyone is a movie buff and you could see movies for a fraction of the cost of a regular movie ticket. You could play a game in the arcade and win money, or you could play on the Wii console or Nintendo DS system. You choose a game for freeYou could play a game for free.

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