Celebrities at comic con 2015

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You try the maskMaybe you were just the last one to try them out, but maybe you can pull it off. As usual, you slip the mask over your face, grab your big bag, and head towards the convention center. The doors to the convention center are already open, so you just go in that direction and make your way to a line of seats to get your general autograph. Maybe because people are here for other things, or maybe people are just too busy to notice you. Eventually though, you approach the front of the line, and you see a guy dressed in one of those fancy cosplay outfits. Before asking if you want to take a photo together. You take pictures of people of different ages and races, people with different facial shapes, people with different eye-shape, and a whole lot of people doing mundane things. You start taking pictures of the convention center and people nearby. Re talking about the photos you took while someone is walking around, and they say something that just makes you realize how amazing you feel.

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