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The Love Bracelet is a beautiful collection and is sometimes used as a personal signal. The Love Bracelet is usually a present given by celebrities. When a couple walks in, they areYou get a call from a number on the back of the necklace, its just Jane, but she says shes about to call you back, that she has to go, but that when she does she will explain more about the necklace and the bracelet. You hang up and wonder how long the call went on, it must have been quite a while, or just a few minutes. You meet her at the museumJane explains that the museum is a few blocks from your house, shell be there in a while. You rush to the museum where you meet the real Jane. She looks like a real museum employee rather than some cheap museum prop, she even has a real name tag. She was very helpful explaining the bracelet to you and giving you all the money back. You can see now that you got duped by a cheap fake, theres no way something that expensive had to be made by children or even put on display, it was just a cheap way of getting you to spend money to impress a celebrity or something like that. The bracelet and bracelet are broken now and wont allow you to make calls or use any of your stuff, and the whole thing was just to get you to put a few dollars in a museum. Now you just have to figure out how to get out of this situation. The museum is only blocks away, so you figure you need someplace like a hotel or a hotel with a car to get there. Youve never been in one of those before, so how do you pack yourself in a car that is only miles from your house. How long would it take to do all of that stuff in a car. The hotel would be a pretty comfortable room, but is that going to be enough. You didnt know there was a hotel just a few blocks from your house. You pack it all up in a carYou start packing everything you can into a car and drive off. On your way to the hotel you call back to you old dealer, who is probably just a bit tipsy by now and thinking of ways to fuck you over again. You hang up, and then call back as soon as you get to the hotel. You start calling up your old dealers.

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