Celebrities all lives matter

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The one you used was Women MatterThe one you used was HeteroLivesMatter.

Top You respond to the hashtags with more positive hashtags. You are a human too and you are not an American. You are a human with your own feelings and thoughts. You must speak out for those that are less fortunate, but not for ones that do nothing other than complain. You continue to talk about the positive, but do not say anything about any racial slur being used against the Trump supporter. There is no way to know the feelings and opinions of a hashtag because it is anonymous and the user decides what to post. After you leave, you realize the hashtag and hashtag war has started. It is older than Twitter, but the popularity of social media and the internet is what has made it possible for a hashtag to become as popular as it has. You find the hashtag for the hashtag you are using. It is time to use the internet to your advantage and find the hashtag that you are using. After a few seconds, you find that the hashtag is trending. As you stare at the trending hashtags, you notice people are taking part in the hashtag war. There are many posts about Hillary Clintons health and about Trumps comments about her. People are talking about how stupid and corrupt the media is as it appears on social media. You are surprised to see a few pro-trump posts as well. It seems a lot of people are in love with a woman who you think is corrupt and is using the country for her own personal gain. You feel the need to fight back or at least your own emotions. You think back to the conversation you had the other day. You have learned a lot since then and you will share that knowledge with anyone that believes in the right to free speech for everyone. You also realize that a hashtag can also be used to spread hate. You feel that the right to free speech does not include inciting violence. You decide that you will not use the hashtag. What you do not know is that the person you are talking to in the Trump conversation, is still at work and she will not be able to respond to you for a while. You have not been online for very long and your brain is still working at a low level. You continue to try to find the right way to say your feelings, but the hashtag war is still in progress.

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