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It is a natural hemp-derived compound, and it can be moved into anything. If it,s used like any- and for-, it is the single-most use ful of products. And while this is certainly an exciting time for you as a cannabis consumer, youre also happy to see the world continue to be a little less fucked up than it has been lately. Which is why, after the recent election, what better way to celebrate the newly free world than with a little weed. The world is fucked and your countrys future is in serious peril. Your country seems to be heading towards the apocalypse. All of Earths major powers are at odds with each other, and you dont believe there will be any kind of peace coming soon in your lifetime. We Americans still have a few things going for us. Most of those things are the same things that we can use to stave off the inevitable. Were going to celebrate the first week of a new era by celebrating one of the oldest and best ways to have a great time while you can still do it: weed. Because Im going to put together a list of some of the best weed edibles you can buy right here on the Internet. Marijuana edibles are some of the most fun you can have while still stoning out. And its pretty safe to say that if youre reading this, youve probably had more fun than a college kid can have while high. To the incredibly obscure, like the coconut chocolate hazelnut yogurt pot cookie, which I still think is the greatest thing ever. Were here for the highest times of day and the lowest times of night. Marijuana edibles are the perfect gift for any weed aficionado. Weve got everything from the most potent weed ever, like Blue Dream, but without the pain, and the most potent weed candy ever, like Jack Herer or Blue Dream, but in a little more exotic form. Like the delicious edibles sold on eBay, for those of you who need to get high but also dont want to smoke.

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