Catherine Zeta-Jones hops on the tube despite $150m net worth

Hollywood star looks unrecognisable as she rides the Tube – so can you work out who it is?

She went from the Mumbles district of Swansea to the bright lights of Hollywood.

Yet this Hollywood star proved she hadn’t forgotten her humble roots as she filmed herself on the London Underground on Tuesday.

She might be more at home in Chicago than in London and in The Terminal of airports ahead of boarding private jets, but her public transport use ensured she beat the Traffic in the big city. 

Plus the 53-year-old film star managed to nab the entire carriage to herself so she wasn’t mobbed by any fellow travellers.

So can you guess who it is?  

Out and about: Catherine Zeta-Jones showed she is still one of the people as she filmed herself on the London Underground on Tuesday

Trip: The film star, 53, wasn’t spotted by any fellow travellers as she had the entire carriage to herself

That’s right, it’s Catherine-Zeta Jones! 

Catherine kept a low profile as she sported a large pair of sunglasses, a grey hat and scarf during the trip.

Speaking to the camera, she said: ‘When you’re the only one on the tube and you’re very happy. London, just me, on public transport.’

Alongside the clip, she wrote: ‘Tube Time! London Transport!’

Catherine, who is married to fellow A-list actor Michael Douglas, is thought to have a net worth of $150million.

She was paid an impressive $3million for her role in Traffic in 2000 and earned $million for Chicago just two years later.

The star has also made millions from endorsements such as her deal with T-Mobile where she earned a reported $10million.

In addition, Catherine has millions tied up in properties she shares with her husband Michael. 

Incognito: It appeard Catherine did wish to keep a low profile however as she sported a large pair of sunglasses, a grey hat and scarf during the trip

It comes after Michael detailed how he and Catherine manage to juggle family life with A-list acting gigs.

The actor, 78, explained that, particularly when their children were young, they have always tried to take big jobs at different times to avoid conflicting schedules.

He and Catherine, who tied the knot back in 2000, share two children, Carys, 18, and Dylan, 20. While Michael is also dad to Cameron, 44, from his marriage to Diandra Luker.

Insisting that there’s no competition between the Hollywood couple, Michael explained that they simply work on their own projects.

Family: It comes after Catherine’s husband Michael detailed how the pair manage to juggle family life with A-list acting gigs (pictured with children Carys, 18, and Dylan, 20)

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, he said: ‘I don’t know about that [competition].. I think we both do our own things.

‘We try and do it at different times so when the kids were younger, so we could be there. But no competition, Catherine’s going to do another year of Wednesday and a lot of other projects right now.

‘Truth be told, my kids couldn’t see the films I’ve made. 

‘It’s another generation of fans, it’s as close as you get to immortality, a bunch of kids now know who you were before, that part is fun,’ he jested.

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