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Cast including Emma Watson and Jared Harris.

With your help we,s make this picture truely awesome Fanservice, tricks and gimmicks, themes, and more, more, and, more And. Dramatic music fade to blackRAW Paste DataA Disney Animation Classic. An in-depth discussion on this underrated classic and its themes that will stay with you for a long time. The first two hours are just showing you the story, with no dialogue; the final hour is just a discussion about whatu2019s the best way to approach the topic of death. If youu2019ve always wondered about death in Disney, now is your chance to find out. So, for your viewing pleasure, hereu2019s a Disney classic that shows what happens when a gentle giant meets our fair world. T tell you that you CANt find anything in this film to be upset about. This film may even change your life. But what if I told you: YOU can find a lot to be joyful about, even if you do become sad. What if I told you: you can even become a bit of a pervert. S nothing wrong with your sexuality, or your sexuality in this case. This film shows you death as an old lady who lives outside the town, waiting for the old folks that live in the town to die. The old folks do their daily lives.

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