Carol Vorderman suffers severe beauty blunder

Carol Vorderman shares her hair blunder

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Carol Vorderman, 62, has opened up about a recent beauty mishap that had her “calling herself all the names under the sun”. The former Countdown presenter took to Twitter yesterday to share the story with her 679,300 followers.

Carol began by sharing a picture of her fancy looking hair and tanning products displayed in her bathroom.

Above the picture she wrote: “What a t**t…

“I’ve been using Champo serum to make my hair thicker (and it works) but so tired tonight I picked up the wrong bottle and covered my bleached hair in Tan Drops…

The star added a string of laughing emojis, before continuing: “Omg had to wash it or be bright orange for two weeks!!! Made me laugh though.” (sic)

Carol spoke more in detail about the hilarious incident on her BBC Radio Wales show today.

“Last night – so my daughter and I share a bathroom, right?” she began.

“And I’ve been using this particular hair serum (I won’t tell you what it is) to make my hair grow, because when you’re my age, your hair gets thinner,” she admitted.

“And it’s brilliant! Look at those new bits,” the star added, gesturing to her luscious head of hair.

“Like two inches longer, or whatever, and you get all these little hairs… Anyway. So you put this serum in every night, and it’s worked,” she said of the anti-aging practice.

“So I was really tired last night and I was about to go to bed and Katie’s brushing her teeth in the sink and I’m doing my bits…”

Carol is mother to daughter Katie, 32, and son Cameron, 26, both of whom she shares with ex-husband Patrick King.

“I’m going, ‘Ooh I’ve just put this hair serum in Katie’,” Carol continued. “And then I thought, ‘Oh, that smells a bit odd… Hmm I don’t know what that is.’

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“You know when you’re so tired? And then she went, ‘Mum! Do you realise what you’ve just put in your hair?’

“It was tanning lotion!” Carol then revealed. “It’s in a little bottle – super strong tan drops.

“And you only need two drops with your moisturiser to put a little fake tan on your face.

“And I put loads in!” she cringed. “Half the bottle had gone on my hair and I thought, ‘Oh no!’

“I started laughing and calling myself all the names under the sun, like you do, to then…

“You know that moment when you think, ‘Oh, I’m really nicely tired, I think I’ll just get into bed and fall asleep…’

“Well I had to wash my hair, didn’t I? Because it’s bleached and can you imagine? I’d come in looking like a very, very ginger cat.”

Listen to Carol Vorderman every Saturday at 11:30am on BBC Radio Wales.

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