Carol Vorderman pleads for help after running into trouble at home: ‘Help someone, help!’

Carol Vorderman struggles to lift weights out of a box

Carol Vorderman, 60, has long been celebrated for her talented mind and enviable body, and in a bid to stay trim during lockdown, she splurged on some fancy new home gym equipment. But she soon realised she was in trouble when she couldn’t lift the weights out of the box.

I can’t actually lift these out of the box!

Carol Vorderman

Taking to Instagram to show off her shiny new accessories, she documented her excitement at the grand delivery.

“This is all arrived today!” she cheered, filming her hallway that was streamed with cardboard boxes.

“It’s all going updaters for my gym!

“I’m going to be as fit as a fit thing on a fit day by the time all this is over,” she giggled.

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“I hope!”

But it wasn’t long before Carol realised she may have bitten if more than she can chew.

In fits of laughter, the 60-year-old mocked herself as she pleaded for help trying to unbox the dumbbell weights.

“I can’t actually lift these out of the box!” she wheezed, clearly out of breath from both the laughing and the strain of trying to heave them onto the floor.

“They’re adjustable dumbbells and they’re 40kg!”

It all became too much for Carol as she began to question herself, even branding herself an idiot in the process.

“Who ordered these? You did, you idiot,” she cackled.

“Help someone, help!”

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Away frothier current embarrassment, Carol recent recalled a different type of humiliation – but this time it included tequila.

While chatting about the rugby union team on her BBC Radio Wales show, she remembered she had been introduced to the lethal drink in Cairns, Queensland when the British and Irish Lions suddenly strolled into the bar during their Australian tour.

The maths expert admitted that although she had a fun night drinking with the boys, her first experience with tequila badly impacted her filming plans for the following day.

Sharing the hilarious story on her official Twitter and Instagram accounts, Carol said: “OMG… talking about @britishandirishlions tour and just remembered being in a bar in Cairns, Queensland in 1989 when the Lions boys walked in and introduced me to TEQUILA…

“Oh God… and my first drinks ever from a test tube… don’t ask.”

Carol was set to film a brand new show the next day at the time, but her night with the rugby players unfortunately sabotaged it.

She added: “Filming didn’t go so well the next two days.

“Life’s NEVER dull [laughing face emoji].”

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