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S love, however even though you are the only one left, you are still alone. T really be fixed, especially not now. Your only option is to move on with your life, the only thing you have to do now is get through the next few days without further complications and get through this trial that will surely follow. You can do that and eventually find more purpose in your life. The question is can you do it before your heart finally stops and you cease to exist. Ve ever been in, but given what you know of magic, your mind is already going to be at a more powerful level. Besides, this trial will at least give your body something to use its energy for. You fall asleep to the familiar lullaby that you always did when you were little. In the morning you begin your journey back. Re not worried about what your future holds any more. Re just going to have to live with it from here on out. Ve been there for about three years and are beginning to build up a little bit of a life of your own. S even been as close to you as you have been to Cara. At first you are a little reluctant about letting Cara read it, but after all those years of holding her hand and whispering in her ear and making her feel special, you have to let her know that you love her. So you open the letter as soon as you receive it. T get many letters these days, but I do get a lot from you. It takes a special kind of person to write to a long time friend, but I know that you did. You remember I told you that you were the reason for many happy memories for me.

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