Caprice addresses Jeremy Vine appearance that left her ‘in doghouse’ amid ‘arrogant’ claim

Coronavirus: Caprice Bourret clashes with GP over quarantine

Caprice Bourret, 49, has reflected on her appearance on Jeremy Vine’s Channel 5 show, which sparked criticism from viewers after she advocated the use of face masks to protect people from the spread of coronavirus. The Dancing On Ice 2020 contestant argued with a doctor, who was also a guest on the programme, on March 16, months before masks were made compulsory by the government.

Caprice also called for a national lockdown just days before Prime Minister Boris Johnson instructed the British public to stay at home for the very first time.

The model and businesswoman had pointed out to Dr Sarah Jarvis that Taiwan and Singapore had imposed two-week lockdowns, strict quarantine measures and made wearing a mask compulsory, which had proven to be effective.

However, Dr Jarvis hit back and told Caprice that there was “no evidence for this whatsoever” on whether these rules could control a COVID-19 outbreak.

Following her comments on Jeremy’s show, the star was heavily slated on social media.

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Many viewers branded her “ill-informed” at the time, but her argument then went viral again in July, with social media users praising the star for being ahead of her time.

Caprice has now spoken out about the unfair backlash she faced in an exclusive interview with

The star pointed out: “It’s not like I’m boasting, or I was trying to be controversial about it. 

“When I went onto Jeremy Vine, it’s not like I was trying to be arrogant, she’s a doctor, of course she’s going to know better than me.


“But I just looked at what the other countries like Singapore and Taiwan were doing, because they seemed to get the virus under control pretty early on, and they didn’t really have a second wave, so what did they do that we weren’t doing? 

“So it was just sort of common sense to me really, and that’s what I basically said on Jeremy Vine.

“But nope, I was put in the doghouse!” she exclaimed.

Although she disagrees with the negative comments she was subjected to for her views, Caprice also insisted “it’s not about who’s right, it’s about saving lives”.

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When quizzed on whether it was difficult for her to cope with all the backlash, the model said: “It’s what other countries who had the virus under control, what were they doing? 

“And masks were a very big push in those countries and also they went into a two-week lockdown very early on and this is what I expressed.

“And also the World Health Organisation kept banging on about masks, masks, masks.

“So I just accessed all of the information and I challenged the doctor as a result. 

“But at the end of the day it’s not about who’s right, it’s about saving lives and getting through this so we can get our economy back on track.”

When Caprice’s Jeremy Vine interview resurfaced last summer, investigative journalist Carole Cadwalldr reshared the clip on Twitter.

She penned: “So there you have it. If Caprice had been in charge not Boris Johnson, around 40,000 people might still be alive.”

Another social media user agreed and added: “Back in March there was a sophisticated person pile-on when Jeremy Vine had Caprice on his show – she backed lockdown, flight quarantine, cited Taiwan, Singapore. Was treated like a total idiot by Dr Sarah Jarvis. Looks a bit different now.”

Host Jeremy has since responded to the criticism and took the opportunity to defend Dr Jarvis by arguing: “She has been a doctor for 30+ years. I think that qualifies as expertise, no?”

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