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You would have said you had a lot of subjects: Cape Verdean celebrities. Hector Mendoza Cabral is, a Cape Verdean politician, lawyer, and university professor, who has been President of Cape Verde since 2013. One major reason for the drag on the economy is the NSAs vast database of Americans phone records, which includes the numbers they call, the duration of the calls, and even the content of the conversations, according to the Associated Press. And since many Americans dont use their landlines for more than the occasional home phone call, the government has access to a whole lot of those numbers. And since most of the people making those calls are likely to be in the United States, the NSA is also able to track their activities. Meaning the companies cant make as much money as they would otherwise. T chief executive Randall Stephenson claims he would lose millions. The NSA is impacting the economy, Stephenson said, as quoted by AP. In fact, according to a new study, its not just the companies that are losing out. The entire country is being affected by the NSA surveillance tactics. The study, conducted by the nonprofit Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, found that the number of internet connections, the number of mobile connections, the number of connected computers, and the number of mobile internet connections have all decreased since the Snowden revelations were made public. It is impossible to know how many employees the companies are losing due to.

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