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The more you see, the more you see that there are actually quite a few of them, and some of them even have their own villages or towns. You ask, realizing that youre seeing so many of them without even realizing it. The original tribes are dying out, so were having to try to preserve what we have since the humans are not very welcoming to outsiders, especially if they arent related. The villages and towns you pass by are run by the same people who are in control of the old villages and towns, which is sort of strange considering the original tribes never had a lot of interaction with the outside world. As you approach a small, stone building, Lilium motions you inside. You follow Lilium into a large room full of shelves. The old tribes didnt have proper housing, besides caves and their houses, Lilium explains. At this point you see a single long ladder on the wall. Ill let you down when youre done, Lilium says. You follow the man down a long ladder, into a large, dimly-lit room filled with many rows of crates and stacks of sacks. The ladder ends at a metal rail, which you grab. You descend down the ladder, carefully balancing on one hand so you dont tip it. You see human shapes in a few places, mostly in rooms that look like bedrooms. However, there are also piles of hay and buckets of water in a few others, which could be used for cooking or water storage. Some of the men are dressed in some of the simpler clothes you can find off of a shelf, with leather sandals or leather clothing as well as some headdresses and capes around their heads. The next room features a huge open area near the top of the building, with a wooden plank that you climb on. You see shelves stacked with the usual supplies: bread and dried fruit, cheese, bread crumbs on a stick, a pouch of honey. You see one man with a large, open-up face, which is currently looking over two large stacks of metal crates. The man is staring at a long, narrow metal tube, which seem to contain a lot of liquid, which is sitting on top of several shelves of sacks.

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