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The Fiction part of the article was taken directly from the Disney website, so the author is a liar. The Beauty part was taken from the Beauty section of Lumieres, but the beast part was taken from a product that I dont sell or even even carry by Shrimp Boy. He has never carried or sold Lumieres beast products and no one has ever seen him in person carrying them anywhere, let alone around my shop. If Lumieres is a beast company and Lumiere is a beast in the film and the movie is about a magical beast, then what does the article say about the Lumieres beast products. The Beauty part was taken from a section of Lumieres that is not even in my shop, and even if it were, I dont sell or carry it. The Beast part was taken from a product that I would never even consider carrying by any company except Lumieres. Is Lumieres a beast company that makes beastly products or am I a beast that sells beast products that I never even wanted to sell before. Is it a fake, or maybe Im being a bit picky or does it even exist. I read about it in a magazine and when I went to look it up on Google I found an extremely long article completely unrelated to my own interest in lumieres from a website I dont want to know about even if its about a product I dont even want to buy in the first place. I cant help think that if I was a more rational person I would not buy anything from this store, I wouldnt even walk onto the premises, except maybe to pick up my dog. 50 or more just to support some random website. And this isnt even a store that deals with the Lumieres beast products that I dont even want to buy. This store is only selling products that nobody even wants anymore. I didnt wait too long after that tweet before I lost my mind a bit. I cant really control what happens next, but its the only way I can find a solution to this problem.

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