Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Had an "Awkward" Run-In with Hailey and Justin Bieber at the Met Gala

In case you were wondering, nope! We’re not done talking about the Met Gala. Mostly because it turns out Shawn Mendes had a run-in with his previous Met Gala date Hailey Bieber right before the event, which fans have dubbed deeply awkward.

In a ~getting ready~ video published by Vogue and first reported by E! News, Shawn and Camila Cabello run into Hailey and Justin Bieber waiting for a car at their hotel, and have a brief, friendly, and low-key kinda awkward conversation. Ahem:

Camila: “Hiiii, how are you? Great performance last night. You killed.”

Hailey: “Hi, how are you?”

Shawn: “Hey, bro. How are you?”

Justin: “Really good.”

Shawn: “Yeah?”

Justin: “Yes, sir.”

Shawn: “Feeling good? You look good.”

Justin: “Going with the no shirt vibes. I like it.”

Shawn: “Trying to push it a little bit.”

Justin: “Got to flex.”

Hailey: “Alright baby, I think they’re ready. We’ll see you guys there.”

Justin: “We’ll see you guys. Love you so much.”

Annnnd scene.

Naturally, a clip of the moment captioned “I feel so awkward watching this” has gone viral on TikTok.

To be fair, who isn’t the most awkward ever when unexpectedly running into people and having to make small talk? And don’t forget that Shawn and Justin recently collaborated on their song “Monster,” so there’s obviously zero bad blood! Though, yeah, the look Shawn and Camila gave each other after Hailey and Justin left is vaguely lol.

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