Calling it a hard year for the entertainment industry …

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It was strange when you realized you were coming back to a world of death after a year apart. There were other strange things that happened during that year. You had a year of the worst possible days, and then you also had a year of the best possible days, which made up a weird, unstable hybrid. You lost a lot of close friends in 2016. You did not lose any more friends. Those who were still alive still kept in contact with you, but you did not spend as much time with them. A lot of your relationships had ended due to your new lifestyle now, and you lost a lot of your old friends out of respect for them. You didnt really lose anyone new this year. Those you lost were in the news in 2016, and you remembered what was going to happen the last time you faced this problem a few years ago. You thought you would lose someone, because that had happened before, but it never happened, and you did not. It was strange, but you did not really have too many problems this year, aside from your health. Life was simpler back in the basement, and that is what usually kept you going, as far as your physical needs were concerned. You started meditating again for some reason, and as usual meditation did not really bring you any success in any other aspect. You started meditating again once you realized you were going to have to move out of the basement. You tried to find some form of meaning to your life now, but nothing came to you. You tried to figure out how you were going to solve your problems, but you could not think of any way. You tried to find meaning in this life of yours, and that is when you realized you could not live here anymore. Your only regret is that you did not find the answer sooner. Some people say that everyone has a purpose now. Well, if you did, you had to find it before now. You had to move on, and start over, because you could neither handle what you were facing, nor did you have a chance to find one before. You have to live your life now because it was your life before and not anyone elses. You were chosen, and in time, you will be able to find your new purpose. Well, the important thing is you are not going to go back to the basement. You have a lot of new things to deal with in 2016, and the life you have now is definitely different from the life you had before. A lot has changed, but you think it is for the better.

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