Cadenza beauty and the beast

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You and I are close enough that if we make ourselves uncomfortable together and stay near each other no matter what, Ill let you go, so why are you being such a bitch. Re dating or anything, just being friendly to each other. I thought we were close, but I was wrong. T spend a lot of time there anymore. Well when do you plan on getting there.

You say and then start trying to get up. You hear the ghostly voice shout as you roll off the couch and onto your knees. Re not sure what happens next, but you get a better sense of what happened when you start to come back around to the living room. The ghost of Belle, who was not on the couch when you arrived, is on the floor near you with her arms outstretched. S clearly not happy with you for some reason. In fact, we could even get you another one of your servants. Nothing, but I thought you were here on a business deal. She is just taking a little time out to meet someone. Oh, well maybe you should have asked. Right, after the ghost of a maid said the house was hers, some guy from the school she was stationed in said she was going to lose her job, she was going to have to leave and he was going to do it. Let me have this conversation in private with your ghostly friend anyway. As the ghost of Belle drifts away, you step back into the living room.

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