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You decide to wait until youre back home before you post anything on this. You have been out of the country for nearly 6 months now and you need something to occupy your time so you decide to check out whats going on in the music scene. You exclaim as you start scrolling through the various musical forums that are on Reddit. M going to start checking out the new songs on the site. Re not necessarily an artist yourself, you do know how to search for artists and songs on the internet. Scene back in the day does sort of make you feel bad now that you think about it. T understand everything, you manage to learn enough to at least make several posts on each music forums. T even bother going through the hassle of clicking on the top level forum titles. Alright I think I know enough about the different forums to post in each one. You post a few more times with the same basic information. You get no response so you decide to give up. Ve tried posting in a couple of the music forums, but I always get the same old reply.

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