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Kylie and Bella are famous for having pierced nipples, but who else. Some famous celebrities who arent that obsessed with their nipples and their piercings include:Spencer MatthewsHollywood superstar Spencer Matthews was once a struggling actor until he had a revelation and was given a second chance at life by his mom, who told him one day he had something special to hold on to. I gotta do this because the Lord got me this far, the Lord got me through this hard time and I gotta believe that He got me this far anyway because He loves me and I gotta serve Him now so He can love me forever. So as the saying goes, he did not doubt and his life changed from that point on:At one point, he and a friend were out on a rooftop playing air guitar and he was having a rather bad day and he just wanted it to go away. Just being on rooftops all the time being a struggling actor kind of sucks, but then Spencer Matthews was just kind of on his own and he just played his songs and felt a little better about himself. He went out to that rooftop and he sang his songs to himself and it was really therapeutic. One day later, his friend came back from work and they were talking about the same dumb ass song. Spencer Matthews realized the song he was singing was to himself. He had a little realization of the reality of his situation and it kind of rocked him. Thats when he went into the studio where he sang a song to his song and he was suddenly filled with so much joy and he kept going into the studio with a smile on his face singing whatever song he was singing until he heard himself singing it to this song. He could practically feel himself healing and getting better in every song he sang to himself. That gave him a chance to start singing to other songs to himself. There were a lot of songs but by the end of the day he kept singing whatever song he was singing to himself to feel his emotions. Eventually he kept it up until eventually he played his songs to himself all day, every day. He began to realize he had something beautiful and unique and that he needed to be with himself and only himself and thats when he made the decision to put in a microphone and start recording everything just to be with himself and his music. Hes been doing it ever since and hes found a way to have a life and to have his music because his music is his life. Spencers new album is called The Healing Experience and so far its been a life changing experience for Spencer Matthews and hes doing it all for the.

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