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S a year of entertainment to enjoy and make memories. You head into camp and make your preparations. Ve already got enough to eat, and you have a few bags. You also have a few water bottles, as well as a few cigarettes you need to light up for the ride into town. You start to think about all the things you can do when you leave. But then you think about those that might leave here sooner. And that makes you want to do even more. You pack a few more itemsYou continue to pack up the few more items you brought with you. S when you worry about whether or not someone might see you and ask for a favor. Its something to think about the next time you enter camp. Two days into your trip you pull into a gas station in town. S not too far from the station you started in. Ve packed as much into your bags as you can. You turn your keys in the ignition and start the car. Ll be spending your remaining vacation time here. S been a big help to me before. T a very good match for her, so she tried to get me out of her life.

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