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You try to get something from the market before the police can arrive. You turn toward the market and see that the streets are still crowded. You head toward a nearby shop that you know might have something to sell. You head inside and see that there is a little something to please anyone. You enter one of the booths and see a man there. You think about what he just said and wonder if you should just give him all of the money you think you have in your pocket or if you should spend it on something special. He gives you the coin, so you give it to him. You look like you are ready to spend this coin. So tell me, what did you buy. Well honey, you better know what you are doing, for one thing. Look you want me to go up to the man that sells all the things a man wants in the market. T want me to look like a beggar. T want you to look like a beggar. M not a filthy thief like the rest of those that died in the explosion. So what you are saying is if I give you twenty silver I get a flower. You give me twenty and you get a flower. Re so good at your lot in life. Ll let you do something for me, okay. He takes a cautious step to the side and then a step forward. You take the coin and then you run to your house.

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