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D be no point because of their religiosity. S not like he goes around saying, Hey, Buddhism is the most profound way that I can learn to love people in this world. I need to become a Buddhist to help people like me. S the fact that many celebrities have very negative opinions about Buddhists. Some examples of celebrities who have had negative opinions about Buddhists:1, Justin Bieber: Bieber frequently talks about Buddhism, and has stated on multiple occasions that he wants to become a Buddha in his life. In an interview, he even called himself a Woban, the original practitioner of Buddhism. 2, Taylor Swift: Not an official part of the religion, but if it were up to Taylor, she would leave Buddhism entirely. 3, Justin Timberlake: The artist has stated that he has been an adherent of Buddhism for a long time, but he has also called Buddhism a crazy religion. 4, Jay-Z: The rapper was a huge fan of Buddhism at first, but he eventually got out of the religion since he felt that it was a cult. 5, Jessica Simpson: Simpson was baptized by her father in the Catholic faith, but she has also stated that she is no longer following a religion. 6, Katy Perry: The singer has stated that she believes in a God of love and peace. 7, Amy Winehouse: After she committed suicide, she was found with the Christian cross stitched onto her stomach in her back. In fact, most celebrities who have become famous have had negative comments about the religion. I mean, the only celebrities who have been positive about Buddhists:8, Steve Jobs: He was a practicing Christian, but he always had a smile on his face and was always making fun of other religions. 9, George Bush: The president is fond of saying that the only thing he loves more than Buddhism is America. 10, Tom Cruise: The actor has stated that he was baptized once during high school.

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