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You do not give a fuck what I thinkAlright, so I think you are right about a lot of this. M going to go ahead and take another hit. Re probably going to be less critical about the girls you see. As you start to take another drink, Bobby is already getting up to leave. Okay, well I have to go now and I have to go now. Bobby says and heads out the door leaving you alone again. Even with all your self-confidence issues, You go back into your bedroom where you still put your clothes back on and head to the bathroom. After taking a long drag of your cigarette, you start to think about something else. Maybe you should just go ahead and sleep with one eye open. You think about it and the more you think about it, the more it starts to sound appealing. Re just getting all melodramatic again. Yes, I suppose I should go ahead with my plan. You go back into your room and start putting on something sexy. With your head in the clouds, you turn on the TV to the game show with the naked babe on. Re just here to get you mind off of things. S the fucking game show hostess himself. You hear the door open up the hallway behind you. The hostess calls out again when he sees you.

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