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When you start a search for a particular photo, youll see that its listed under a variety of different categories, such as art, landscapes, architecture, celebrities. Maybe you dont have the bandwidth for them if youre trying to download them all. This way, you can pick and choose the pictures you do want to download, rather than hitting the Download all button for everything. You browse the different categories, looking at the ones that seem to interest you the most. For example, you open up a category called Australia and you see a list of some of the popular towns and places in Australia. You get to the bottom of the list of photos to see a list of photos. You get to the bottom of the list of photos and find a list of photos. You click on an entry to see a larger version. Name: Turner – SyndromesType: ArchitectureDate Taken: 20th December 2000Description: A view across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You start to see a bunch of other entries under this category, all of which appear to be of similar quality. Some seem to be of architecture, while others might have been taken in a similar location. Youre a bit surprised that there dont seem to be many photos like this, so you decide to browse around a bit more to see if you can find anything that catches your eye. You scroll through the categories and you find something interesting: a page called Musical. Opening up the page reveals a grid of photos in a variety of genres, each one showing a different musical performance. Name: Turner – MusicType: MusiciansDate Taken: 15th September 2003Description: A photograph of a group of musicians playing their instruments. You see a similar page called Rock under the Musicians category. Name: Turner – StarsType: StarsDate Taken: 15th September 2003Description: An image of a sky with stars.

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