Britney Spears Says Documentaries 'Manipulate The System' – But Did She Benefit From It??

Britney Spears is yet again going after all the “bulls**t” documentaries made about her!

In a scathing Instagram post on Monday, the pop star shared a screenshot of a 2021 quote by Lady GaGa‘s manager, Bobby Campbell, who wondered if Britney was okay with people making documentaries about her conservatorship battle. He said at the time (referencing Netflix’s Britney vs Spears):

“There needs to be transparency about how or whether the filmmakers are profiting from this doc, or if they are donating their fees to Britney’s legal defense, or to legal defense funds to aide those who do not have the financial resources to fight against undue conservatorships.”

Back in the day, Brit’s then-loving husband Sam Asghari responded to the comment with a “100%” emoji, adding that he hopes the “profit” goes toward “fighting injustice” (as seen in the OG comments above). Now, the Circus artist is having her say!

The article Britney pulled the quote from questioned if she “was okay with people making these documentaries?” In a caption on the ‘gram, the 41-year-old gave a direct and candid AF answer, writing:

“Interesting The last sentence !!! Would it matter if I wasn’t ok with it ??? JUST SAYING !!!!”

She has a point, sadly! The mother of two went on to call the filmmakers “intention” into question while slamming those who have made movies about her for featuring some of her “hardest” moments in her life, adding:

“Hmmm defense in funding those who do not have financial resources to fight against conservatorships ??? Or for people to manipulate the system showing hour long documentaries showing my hardest times 3 years ago proclaiming I’m supposed to benefit from THAT !!! BULLS**T !!! Is it all regulated in talking s**t ??? Come on duals and most arguments are always calculated through 2 sides !!! The bottom line is intention !!! What angle were they coming at ??? Was it to demonstrate support … understanding … love ??? Why no !!! None of these !!! It was to offend and offend only !!!”

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Well, damn!

She is seriously coming for them! We can only imagine how frustrating it’s been to see the many docs come out ever since her controversial conservatorship was terminated, including the New York TimesFraming Britney Spears and Controlling Britney Spears plus TMZ Investigates: Britney Spears: The Price of Freedom. There have been so many!

It is, of course, a double-edged sword. It’s pretty clear these docs went a long way toward shifting public opinion — and ultimately pushing the court to let her out of her conservatorship. So whatever the intention, they did ultimately help her. Right? But they also definitely hurt the person they were supposed to help.

In the past, the Toxic artist had been open about how painful it’s been to have her see her life in film, writing in 2021 that Framing Britney Spears caused her to feel “embarrassed” and in tears “for two weeks.” Aw! Thankfully, she’s now had the chance to document her life’s story in her own words, so hopefully, people will start turning to her book The Woman in Me for insight instead of the docs.

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