Brilliant screenwriter, director and producer Alan Ball was born in Atlanta …

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You go to the bathroom in the middle of the nightI think I better get a little sleep, I dont feel so alert at noon and I really dont feel like walking through those woods in the middle of the night. You set out to find a few different toilets before you pass out completely. You know its only one hour to noon, we need to get you to the hospital, now go. He yells as he runs after you. You run to the edge of the woods and try to walk as fast as you can. I think I am going to die out here. You finally reach a small clearing, in the middle of which is a single toilet. In fact you arent even sure where the old man was coming from, in fact you never knew the old man existed. I must use this You think as you sit down on the toilet and close your eyes. You dont even get a glimpse of the old man anymore, you just hear his voice in your head. You have done well to come to this place, I must admit that I did not expect you to arrive here and it has been so long you do not really remember anything of your past. However, I am going to tell you everything that is going to happen. You open your eyes and see a person standing right in front of you. A man in a long white robe, almost as if it was a cape, is staring at you, looking like he is waiting for something. My name is Yag, it might not sound like much to you. However, I am not a god or even a man, my name is actually quite important to me. I can tell you though, that if you do not believe me, you have another chance. You will not die here though, I can change this fate for you, but I must ask that you do not bother me again, I do not enjoy this process and that you think very long before you act. You are going to threaten me and I am going to say no. I am sure if you just go forward and agree to my conditions, then you will realize that.

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