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But I think its the idea of all that that really makes the difference. Like, youre not even doing it for yourself, youre doing it for them, but its still still a lot more rewarding than just being a mom. Its not like youre totally comfortable with everything. Like, you had to be very much around certain people because you knew that your life depended on it, but youve got enough money now and youre still able to do all of this. But then again, you could easily just give up on all this, and you arent really sure if you want to do that. Its funny, because before, you didnt really have many friends. You had your own little group of people that you hung out with when you thought they werent being obnoxious, but then there were the people that were just there for the party and the other random people. You never really had any close friends, you just had people that you were on good terms with. It doesnt matter how many times you try to make new friends, you just never seem to hit that sweet spot that makes you feel like you can truly relate to someone or get any closer to them. You know deep down that you could if you wanted to, but then again you know you probably wouldnt be able to anyway. You dont know why you think this way though, you dont know if you just think it because when you were younger, you had even less options. You had your family and you had your social circle, so obviously the latter did everything you didnt have. Its sort of why you still feel so close to your family even though you havent interacted with them in forever now, because you feel like you know them so well. Your brother and sister arent here either. Theyre both off doing their own thing or even still in school, youre not even sure when you last saw either one of them. You remember that your dad did spend a little time with you when your brother and sister were still with you, but given everything else going on in your life at the time, there wasnt much to talk about. Youre not sure if it was just awkwardness or if it was a reason for him to leave, but you never really spoke about it again. It wasnt until a few years went by that you actually started to have a meaningful relationship with a girl. It was in high school that all of this happened though and it was one of the first ones that you ever started to seriously date. You found out that your ex didn.

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