BRB, asking Kesha for help with my homework…

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The only thing youre really worried about is whether or not you can really handle another half hour of this. The fact that you cant even concentrate on your homework, let alone get anything else done at all is kinda disheartening, but then when you consider you know how to do it, then its not so bad. You stop being so worried about the whole thing though when your phone buzzes and you pick it up. Re too excited to see where this is going for your phone to say you would wake up. S still daylight out here, so I think you need to sleep, but if not, I just need to ask you to take a look at this. S number has been included, along with your name. Well you can go live in a hole, you know how I know. D want to be an actress, rather than being the lead singer of a rock band. Ve made a lot more money at that job anyway. Actually now that you mention it, I think I might want to be a doctor. D rather have normal parents, not famous people that want to be famous.

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